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What it is

BRIM Sponsorships are services, in the categories of graphic design, web design, and photography, that we award to hard-working goal-dreaming people who just need a little help making their dreams a reality. For example, say there is a young women who has a dream of owning a craft shop online but has no idea how to start one herself and no money to pay for one. With the Patrick Sponsorship for web design, she will be awarded one complete site designed totally free. Each awardee will receive a service based on their current need. This is one of the many ways BRIM is looking to enable dreamers.

How it started

We started the sponsor program because we needed a practical and effective way to help people actualize their dreams and goals. As a young girl I had the dream of owning an online business to sell my handmade jewelry in. I was about 12 when I started this venture and soon found that if you don't have money you can't do much...or at least that’s what I thought. The only other option I had was to do it myself. With the help of my parents I began to teach myself graphic and web design and two years later (age 14) I launched BRIMdesign, a business no longer focused on handmade goods...but handmade dreams instead. I would have loved to know there was a program like this when I was starting out and that is why we made it. It is important for dreamers to know that there is someone out there that cares more about their story than their wallet. We truly want to enable you to dream the best you can and then make them come true.

How it works

This part is really simple. Just go to the Types of Sponsorships page and download the one you think fits your need best. Fill out the form and either mail it back to us or email it to us at We will then read through the applications and if you are selected to receive a scholarship we will contact you via email or phone!

Even if you aren't selected this year...please try again and send us a note. We want to help!

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