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Our Story

BRIM DESIGN began as a side freelance graphic design and photography business for founder, Billy Rae, at the age of 14. It started as a dream to be able to one day provide her family with opportunities, and turned into a primary hub for empowering small businesses and organizations.


Through the years it has grown to become a full-service branding agency. BRIM DESIGN is a faith-based business that is dedicated to serving its community through award-winning design, photography, videography, strategy, and coaching.  

We are serviced by a talented creative and strategy team, always ready to take on new challenges. Here, we value faith, family, community, and excellence in service. 

One of our primary focuses is helping people actualize their dreams for their business or organization. Since BRIM DESIGN was founded by a teenager we are familiar with the startup journey and are committed to making your visions and passions come to life in a seamless, beautiful, and effective way.


"We don't just develop brands, we develop dreams"

About BRIM

BRIM DESIGN Aesthetics to match brand | Branding Aesthetics

Today anybody thinks that throwing a name under a graphic makes them a brander. Branding is about so much more than just your logo. Branding entails developing your mission, atmosphere, and vision for your business. It's about communicating what you add to the lives of others. It's a fusion of you and your goals. It is also about how your brand performs and captures your target audience. Clip art/template brands will never do this as effectively as a custom brand. We know because are branding specialists. What makes us unique is our ability to take the vision you have for your company and translate that to distributable, marketing, beautiful brand assets in order to help you actually meet your goals.


Building an amazing brand is not enough. You and your marketing team have to know how to safeguard and utilize the brand as you develop your marketing materials, digital assets, platforms, and spaces. Not every branding agency is a full-service agency. We offer our clients a full range of services to kick-start and maintain their businesses in-house. This means from your logo to your headshots, your brand remains cohesive and impactful. It also allows us to provide our clients with bundle rates rather than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of resources on multiple vendors who will break down your brand anyway.


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Our goal is that everyone who encounters BRIM DESIGN will go away more personally and professionally enabled than before. Our standard of excellence and building life-long relationships with our clients is not only our highest priority but our deepest passion. Our team makes their dreams more tangible with award-winning design, photography, videography, social media and coaching. 

If you've gotten to know us a little but are still interested in learning more about how we can help your organization, take some time to check out our Journal (blog) where we will be releasing helpful content requested by our community.


Our style is a fusion of geometric minimalism and vintage industrialism.  We enjoy using muted tones, aged textures, and simplistic accents. We draw towards timeless and calligraphic fonts while also pulling inspiration from old functional objects. Art (brands) that are beautiful and not effective are of no use to our clients, so we focus heavily on art that functions and functions well.


We are located in Raleigh NC. Our photography and videography services range in about a 30-mile radius from central Raleigh, though we are available for destination services if travel expenses are paid. Design, social media, and coaching services are provided remotely (we are proud to serve a majority of our clients this way).

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