Gypsy Soul - Waco Texas

What an adventure Waco was! I wish I could have brought everyone along, but because I couldn't I tried to do the next best thing...TAKE TONS OF PICTURES. Not only does charming Waco feature The Magnolia Market, but it has so many hidden gems that really made our adventure one to remember. So I hope grab a cup off coffee (or tea) and a nice throw to curl up with cause this could take a little while ;)

This is where we stayed via Air B&B. A chill loft space just three blocks from The Magnolia Market and above the charming coffee shop, Bru. This charming place is located in the heart of historical downtown Waco Texas.

Speaking of Bru, we enjoyed a complimentary coffee and pastry on our first morning in Waco,

To say nothing of the adorable little elevator nook, now doubling as a coffee counter, the pastry was yummy and the ice coffee was the perfect blend of "liquid joy" and "wake me up juice"

Of course the first thing on the agenda was The Magnolia Market from the HGTV show Fixer Upper. It's picture perfect in real life too. The store is filled with a great home decor line from Joanna and cool corner for the "Chips" in your lives. In the back of the lot they have an adorable little garden center where you can buy greenery and fairy garden accents. Every square inch of this place is designed and welcoming. It appears we weren't the only ones that thought so, because we shared the space with a couple hundred other people (the earlier you go in the week the better it is). Along with the bakery and the market, there are several food truck options for lunch. All in all, just a beautiful and wonderful place.

For Brunch we purposely went with a "Silo Food-truck Special" from Milos. I got the "Jack Jack" which as you can see is this Amazing biscuits and grave dish. Ricky got some Coffee (shocking haha) from Common Grounds which was equally as delicious.

By the end of our time at the silos I came away with a few goodies!

Galvanized piggy bank $8, Dream and Strength Ornaments $4 each, Measuring Spoons $16, Waco T-shirt $26, Mint & Rosemary Soap $8, all of which you can purchase online.

After visiting Magnolia Ricky decided that we couldn't have an authentic western adventure until we purchased a genuine cowboy hat. So we went over to Standard Hat Works and had them make up a hat for him. It was super cool to see the process of the hat being trimmed, shaped, and fitted especially for Ricky.There was friendly service here as well, we 100% recommend it if you're planning on buying a cowboy hat.

As you can see it looks great on him ;)

Once we made Ricky's child-born dream a reality, we ventured over to The Findery. This place was full of unique finds, very similar to the country and rustic tastes of Magnolia, with a little more to offer in the way of country humor. One of my favorite features of this little place is the mural on the back hand lettered as "City with a Soul"

Of course no "Magnolia day" would be complete without visiting Laverty's, the antique store Joanna visits when she's looking for accent pieces for her designs. There are also several highly-entertaining scenes of Chip buying obviously necessary things from Laverty's.

I bought an antique wisk from here which to my surprise made it through the gate, on the plane, and eventually back home with me.

Waco itself is full of the best signage I have ever seen. There are tons of old metallics and neons everywhere you look.

The little shops are just as full of character and everything is in walking distance. Hey Sugar was one my favorite stops. From old fashioned candy and soda to ice cream and animal hats, this little shop was loaded up with pure joy.

But because my husband and I are obviously mature adults, we only got one chocolate orange before dinner.

And speaking of dinner...I could literally rant forever about how amazing the food in Texas is! Check out this place, Jakes Texas Tea House, is it not just the coolest? It doesn't get more iconic America than this. I felt like i stepped back in time and it was totally fine with me.

For dinner we had (for the first time ever) chicken fried chicken and chicken fried steak, with , the true southern sides of green beans, fried okra, fries, corn, watermelon? (wait really) and of course, some white gravy and sweet tea. My mouth is watering remembering how juicy that chicken was.

The next day we ventured out past the city limits for some home cooking and a glimpse at a truly simpler lifestyle. Homestead Heritage was our first stop. One of my goals while in Waco was to get the "native dining experience", so for breakfast that day I ordered the homestead breakfast. Two eggs over easy, a piece of toast, turkey bacon, a hash-brown, and orange juice. Ricky ordered a South of the Border Fajita omlet. Every single thing they brought us was homegrown/raised, organic greatness. The flavors were so pure!

P.S. This breakfast filled us up so well that we didn't eat until the next day!

Aside form the restaurant, Homestead Heritage has various shops and craft houses where they make things such as quilts, pottery, furniture, tools, and lots of other things.

To make sure we completed the "Magnolia" portion of our trip, Ricky and I ventured over to Harp Design Co. featured on Fixer Upper as Joanna's primary woodcrafter. This great little shop doesn't get nearly as much publicity as The Magnolia Market, but it has a lot to offer in the way of inspiration and design. The Harps currently rent out the home they renovated via Fixer Upper which sits on the same lot as the store. An added note in the way of cool things about the Harp Design Co, they will getting their own DiY show, so be on the lookout!

More than a couple times when we asked people where were cool places to visit while in Waco, we were pointed to Spice Village. This is literally a giant wear house filled with tons and tons of locally inspired clothing, decor, accessories, gifts and more!

Our very last stop of the trip is one of my favorites. I'm sure you guys will recognize this bridge from Fixer Upper. Many times you'll see the home buyers walking across here with their families. This charming bridge is a couple blocks from Spice Village and as close to the heart of downtown Waco as a bridge can get. It is a beautiful asset to Cameron Park, which runs parallel, the length of the river. There are several other bridges on either side of this one but I'll never forget. How perfectly our adventure closed as we walked across those old boards at sunset.

Until Next Time