Please Stop Spamming Our Feeds - Business Pages & Interim Branding

|F A C E B O O K B U S I N E S S P A G E S|

Have you started a business or hobby lately that involves lots of picture taking, writing articles, vlogging, blogging, selling merch, or interacting with followers and clients on Facebook? First off congrats!That is big deal! Secondly let me tell you about one of the best virtual avenues for starting businesses, Facebook Business Pages. Nothing defeats a followers experience like getting spammed to death by having someone post all their business/hobby activity on their personal page. Not to mention the content being non-cohesive or just plain ugly. While sharing on Facebook is a great way to highlight important activity in your business, it is also a great way to not only lose followers but even friends if done excessively. This is a great alternative to something as committing as a website. If you are testing the waters with your business/hobby and want to see if you have a market or a following, this is a great way to organize your market.

Benefits of having a Facebook Business Page:

  • Gives you a central location to host all business/hobby activity

  • Allows you to communicate with your ideal client without spamming them

  • Hosts Images and can connect with third party e-commerce stores

  • Showcase your brand and products/services

  • Categories are designed to optimize your page for your type of business/service

  • Advertising features that start-ups can afford

  • Analytics on page content

  • Quick links to contact and general info (about, hours, website, etc)

  • Update followers on events, new items, articles, trends, etc

  • Create communities (subgroups) for special events/occasions

|I N T E R I M B R A N D I N G|

In addition to Facebook Pages, Interim branding (A temporary brand) is a necessary part of start-up. Branding tells your followers that you are actually serious about what it is you do. For instance, I hear people say all the time that it costs too much to brand. What they are really saying is "I don't believe in my business enough to invest in myself". Now I understand that not everyone has the means to create a premium brand right in the beginning but most people do have the funds for interim branding. The purpose of this type of branding is to "place hold" as it were. To make sure the visuals on your page look cohesive, organized, and point followers back to you and your business, but most importantly to tell your followers that you take your business and clients very serious. It is by no means a permanent or premium band

Tips for Interim Branding:

  • Find a design student to create you one for a lower cost (pro-bono work is great but they are practicing professionals so pay them for their time, it well help them and help you appreciate the process better)

  • Find a sponsorship instead of paying a student

  • Keep it as simple and clean as possible (no crazy colors or fonts)

  • Make sure when posting on your page, that every single post matches your interim brand (if you brand is black and teal but you post a pink graphic on your page it looks unorganized and nobody is going to notice your brand if you constantly change it up - the long term goal is to get followers and clients to recognize and follow you)

  • Don't use pictures (illustrations) for your logo icon or gradients in your word logo

  • Absolutely NO clipart

  • When posting images, make sure they all look the same and have the same filter

  • Don't over think it, but be intentional

  • Have fun with it!