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Dear Self-Conscious Client - An Open Letter

I have lost count how many times an over-weight client has asked me to "photoshop them skinny" or anybody else asked me to "make them prettier, younger, remove this or that" or photoshop them to be something they are not. I wish my clients could see themselves how I see them and then maybe they could enjoy their time in front of the camera a little more...maybe even life a little more.


Dear You,

When I look at you I see a beautiful woman with a beautiful family who, though you think all anyone sees is your weight, I am so inspired by how you tend your family and how you serve everyone else before you get to yourself. You are the glue in your family and I hope to come away a little more like you.

When I look at you I see a strong man who has had a full life supporting his wife and kids. I notice your smile when you look at your family and though you aren't typically emotional, this tells me more about you than your size or style. I want to be as hardworking as you, I want to have something as amazing as this to work for.

When I look at you I see a beautiful young lady who doesn't need makeup to look amazing! Your freckles add unique character to your face and trust me your eyes are plenty beautiful without any help from photoshop. Be confident about who you are because you are amazing just the way you are.

When I look at you I see a respectful hard working young man who adores his parents and is intentional with his life. You've been called "a dork, nerd, introvert, lame, shy" and a whole host of other things. But those are not the words that came to my mind when I captured you on my camera. "Smart, intentional, hardworking, respectful, unique" These are truths I admire about you.

You all have insecurities and are afraid that somehow I will come to the same conclusions about you that you have. But that's the amazing thing about photography. In the moments when you look through your album, you get to see you how I see you.

I see an INCREDIBLE! I see INSPIRATION! I see YOU! And I am honored to know someone so AMAZING!

So take it from a person on the outside looking in, you should never be shy about who you are or what your life is because everyone is better for knowing you and I am lucky to have such wonderful souls on the other side of my camera.


Your Photographer


*Photo manipulation done by yours truly as a student project in my college days

In closing...this article is such a great read if weight is your particular struggle.

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