Letting Go as an Entrepreneur

One of the hardest things I've had to do in my career is let go. Sadly I have learned that there is simply not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do as a Small Biz and especially as a start up.

2017 Was the most revealing year for me professionally. I started off the year doing photography for weddings and family portraits along with a handful of other random graphic design jobs and quickly realized that those services were taking up the most resources. The sad truth was that I didn't even LOVE doing them. From the outside anyone could have easily said that those services didn't really line up with the "business" I was advertising, after all, I was a proclaimed branding agency. Most entrepreneurs can relate, there is just so much we would like to fit under the "business umbrella", but the reality is that it doesn't work.

"The broader you make your business, the less efficient your efforts become"

I was trying to fit everything that interested me into one business model. You have probably already been told that it is a no-go from your professional mentors and just aren't ready to resign to the fact that there is some truth in those words.

As hard as it was to let go in 2017, it also became my year of the most growth. I finally decided to sell the wedding portion of my business and focus on the parts I was truly passionate about; Branding, Web Design, and Photography as it applied B2B. Something amazing happened! The resources and time I was spending on my business started paying off in major ways. I doubled my clientele all the while minimizing my over all hours spent "building" my business.

The trick to this is being as specific as possible about what it is you do. Here are some questions to ask yourself. They will get you real honest with yourself about what needs to happen in your business model.

  • What is my demographic?

  • Am I currently hitting it?

  • What is the purpose of my business?

  • What am I truly passionate about?

  • What are my services and do they all add to the bigger picture (Do they even belong in your business)?

  • What am I spending most of doing? Is it worth it?

  • Can I regulate my workflow to maximize time and resources?

  • Am I being specific enough? Am I **really?

  • What are my problem areas?

  • Can I fix my problem areas or do I need to remove them altogether?

  • Is what I'm currently doing working?

  • Am I willing to change my business model to reach my ideal?

I hope you find the courage as a professional to let go if you need to. I promise, it will be the most liberating and rewarding thing you ever do. If you would like some direction on how to get specific, how to lose the dead-weight services and add on ones that will help you produce income, than shoot me an email! I'd love to answer any questions you have!

Best wishes, now get to work ;)

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