How to Safeguard Your Business During Social Distancing - Virtual and Remote Solutions

We are doing our best to answer all of the incoming questions from our clients about how business owners can transition their businesses during social distancing. Below is a list of creative solutions we've seen working for local businesses. It has been encouraging to see businesses adapt to such a big challenge. Our hope is that some of these ideas can help more of our community and beyond.


1. Instructors/Teachers: (Dancing, Education, Trade, Etc.)

This is one of the easiest transitions to make. Fortunately there are many platforms in place to help instructers and teachers not only create and organize courses, but to monetize them as well. Here is a list of platform solutions for those looking to go virtual.

2. Dealerships/Vehicle Servicing:

We saw multiple solutions to this industry. Some dealers have chosen to close the sales floor and focus on the service department, while others are taking a different approach. At any rate, here were the local solutions owners came up with.

  • Drop off Service department (Drop off/Pickup keys in a box and bill electronically)

  • Increasing the number of online representatives to assist your clients electronically

  • Home test drive (bringing the car to the client directly)

  • Delayed payment options for 90 days

3. Restaurants/Cafe's

Take-out only orders are the way to go right now. Some businesses are also choosing to transition hosting and wait staff to delivery staff. Businesses are encouraged to leave deliveries outside the house on spaces such as the porch and then confirm via text, phone, or site confirmation.

4. Commerce/e-Commerce

If you sell products then you're in one of the easiest industries to transition to a virtual store-front. There are two primary ways to serve your customers remotely. Just today we heard a story about a woman who transitioned her business online a week ago and it is performing better than her brick and mortar did.

  • Host online live watch parties (similar to MLM formatting using numbers and pairing and have clients claim them via live comment using the correlating number.)

  • Create an online store using a platform (Custom Website such as Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or other platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Facebook, etc.)

5. Photographers

This by far was was the most unique solution we have seen people come up with. Have you heard of Porch Pictures? Well this particular photography service was born just for the Coronavirus.

  • Photographers are offering "Porch Pictures" to whole neighborhoods. They sign up and pay remotely and the photography comes around to a select neighborhood and takes a handful of image