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Insights from the Intern

My name is Sandy Sappington! I’m the intern for BRIMdesign, a position for which I am

incredibly grateful. In the short time I’ve been interning with this company, I’ve already learned a lot about what it is like to work in a professional design and advertising environment.

I am currently studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Business at Liberty

University. My time at Liberty has brought amazing opportunities, such as getting to serve as

first the intern and then the Vice President of Graphic Design for the marketing club! It’s also

brought challenges, like blindsiding-insecurity and confusion. I look back, however, and see that everything that happened-the good and the bad-has a place in God’s plan for me. I’d like to highlight my story a bit here.

I first came to Liberty as an aviation major. I know--what a far stretch from

communications! However, I was unable to acquire the necessary medical certificate I would

need to fly due to the fact that I had been diagnosed with ADD as a child and had been on

medication. I took that first semester at Liberty to take some General Education courses, and

during that time, a friend introduced me to Strategic Communications. It seemed like the perfect fit! I wanted to do advertising, but include a creative aspect. That is essentially what my degree is. Here I am today, many months later, having developed a strong, undisputable passion for marketing, advertising and design.

As I look back and reflect on my semesters, I recognize God’s faithfulness in my college

experience. I honestly don’t understand how people go through life doing something that they aren’t passionate about! I get so excited about what my professional future holds, and I wouldn’t wish anything less for other young professionals.

If you are struggling to realize what you even want to do with your life, it’s okay! I want

to assure you of that. Look at me, I thought I was going to be an airline pilot! (I still think it

would be pretty cool.) But I absolutely love where I am at professionally right now, and it all

happened because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When you find your niche, you’ll know it.

One big piece of advice that I would offer to anyone: get connected. I am beyond

thankful for the relationships that I have built over the past few months. I consider myself to be fairly successful in my field as a college student, but I did not do it on my own, by far. I work very hard on making and maintaining connections. The people you know can really take you places. If you are alone, trying to make it all by yourself, chances are, it’s not going to work. Humans are made to crave community, and we need relationships to sustain us. Clearly, on both a personal and professional level, it is beneficial to pour time and effort into the people around you. Get connected, and stay connected!

If you want to succeed professionally as a college student, make it happen. Talk to

people. Find an opportunity at your school or in your community. Tell people what you want.

Make it known that you are a motivated individual. Get the reputation that you want, and don’t keep your professional enthusiasm a secret! Create a brand for yourself; create a name. Make it happen!



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