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Welcome to Project Excel, this special hub in our company where we take opportunities to give back. Each one of these categories represents a different area of service we provide to small businesses/professionals. Take some time to look through them and see how we can best help you meet your current needs.

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The R.A.M. Sponsorship

Every year BRIM DESIGN selects several businesses to receive the R.A.M Sponsorship. This sponsorship is designed to award a small business/organization with a kick-starter brand FREE of charge. It is the companies desire to reward the hardworking dreamers among us who just need a little help getting started.


Mentoring & More

What if I told you that the secret to getting you to your professional goals faster is a nine-letter word, "mentoring". Every single professional out there would tell you the same. We are so proud to offer students and young professionals mentoring through our Project Excel program for FREE.

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Image by Andrej Lišakov

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Purposeful Apparel

Are you one of those people who likes to do things with purpose? Us too! That is why we are working on designing apparel that not only inspires and motivates but helps fund causes we believe in. Be sure and check out our store when it launches.