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FREE Graphics

Keeping your customers and clients informed is essential right now. We've designed a social media graphics packet so you can do just that.



Keeping your foot traffic informed, is also important. Download these FREE printables and write in your info. Multiple formats included.

Mask Production

BRIMdesign has officially started dedicated work hours to small-scale mask production.


These masks will be used for those in health care spaces who are not directly at risk for Coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure but still may want additional protection. This will allow the professional protective gear to be used exclusively for health care professionals who are at higher risk of exposure.


If you would like to play a part please see the website below.

Covid-19 and Business Tips

Certain businesses are showing us creative ways we can transition during social distancing. Check our list to see if your industry is on the list and how you can safeguard your future.

FREE 30 Minute Small Business Evaluation

Are you having trouble finding solutions to transition your business virtually? We are offering a FREE 30 minute business evaluation in hopes of provided business owners some insight on how to make that transition.