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Challenge = Opportunity

| H E L L O F R I E N D S |

I haven't blogged since 2017 so things have changed a lot since then. Last year closed and this year opened with some extreme personal challenges that required me to pull back on my professional work some. However, as if this week I am getting back to it.

I don't want to go in to too much detail for the sake of still keeping this blog business oriented, but to sum it up, I lost someone very dear to me. It is often the times in life when we are neck-deep in challenges that we learn the most about ourselves. The difficulty scrapes away the layers of frills and fixings and we are left with our rawest, truest selves. We learn if we are one of those people who become buried alive by all the difficulty or if we are one of those people who thrive despite the pain and struggle we are currently experiencing.

I learned that I NEVER WANT TO GIVE UP! I learned that I should VALUE EACH PERSON (client, friend, partner) for their uniqueness. I learned that the outcome of a situation is roughly determined by our perspective of it and that every single challenge is really an opportunity to IMPROVE and grow STRONGER.

So my first challenge to you in 2018 is this friend. Determine what and who is important to you. Then, be absolutely relentless in your pursuit and dedication to those things and people.

I hope to make the next 365 days ones of growth for us both. Thanks for being a part of BRIMdesign another year!


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