Declutter Your Content with these FREE Tools!

When deciding to create content for your audience, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. With so many things to think about during the process, it can clutter your mind and leave you stunned with what to do.

Well, just like how a mop and broom can clean a messy room so these tools can help clean up your content. And the best part is these tools are all FREE to use so you can start using them right away!


If are looking for a place to organize your content into a structured system, then Trello is a tool that should not be missed! Trello is a work management tool that empowers teams to ideate, plan, manage, and celebrate their work together in a collaborative, productive, and organized way!

The method of organization that Trello uses is a system called Kanban. The Kanban system was developed in the early 1940s by Taiichi Ohno – an industrial engineer and businessman at Toyota in Japan. He developed this system as a solution to the inadequate efficiency and productivity of Toyota compared to their automotive rivals in America.

How it works is that workflow can be divided into three stages: To-Do, Doing, Done

· To-Do: What needs to be done which is determined by your superiors.

· Doing: Indicating that the task is in the progress of being done.

· Done: The task has been completed.

Now that we see the backbone behind Trello, let’s go over the functions of the software.

Boards, Lists, and Cards

When you create your account with Trello you will be presented with the option of starting with either picking a template from their vast library or picking a basic board with just the “To-Do, Doing, and Done” boards.

(1) Board – This is the main hub for your information — often for large projects, teams, or workflows. Whether you are launching a new website, tracking sales, or planning your next office party, a Trello board is the place to organize tasks, all the little details, and most importantly — collaborate with your colleagues.

(2) Lists – This is where you store in the units of info like cards or other pieces of information that you want to place. In the basic board, you have the Kanban trio to start you off with. But you can expand and customize the board to suit your needs. To add a list, simply click “Add Another List” and a new list is made.

(3) Cards – These are the individual units where you can store your ideas, tasks, etc. A card can be something that needs to get done, like a blog post to be written or something that needs to be remembered, like company vacation policies. To add a card, just click “Add a card” at the bottom of any list to create a new card and give it a name like “Hire a new marketing manager” or “Write a blog post.” Additionally, can also add tags to your cards if you need to organize them into separate categories. Moreover, you can also move cards around by dragging and dropping them to other lists.


Trello’s customization continues further with the menu located on the far-right side of the board. There are minor features that you can work with like changing the cosmetics of your board, but it’s worth highlighting the major features of the menu that sets Trello apart from the rest!

(4) Power-Ups – These are great add-ons to your Trello board! They can add additional features to your board, or you can integrate other software like Google Drive to easily incorporate your files. Although, a power-up that is a must-have for your board is Calendar. This power-up organizes and schedules your content onto a calendar to keep track of important due dates.

(5) Automations – This feature helps you cut the tedium of doing certain actions that you do consistently on Trello. Simply click on “Automations” and there you can establish rules for Trello to perform the tasks you want.

Now that we discussed the main features of Trello, Here is an example of what you can do with your Trello board using my own board.

I put my own spin into a Trello board so I can use it to organize my own content!

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what Trello can do! If you are interested in learning more about Trello, check out their YouTube channel for more tips and tricks.

WATCH: Trello YouTube Channel


As we close our discussion about Trello, it’s important to discuss pricing should you choose to use it.

At the base of Trello, you have access to a lot of the features for FREE! Including things like unlimited cards, storage, and power-ups!