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How SEO Works and Why You Need It for Your Business

Hello, fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners! I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO before, but do you really know what it is and how it works? If not, don’t worry. We're here to explain it as simply as possible and show you why you need it for your business.

BRIM DESIGN SEO, located out of Raleigh, NC

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization; it is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. Organic search results are the unpaid listings on a search engine results page (SERP) that the search engine has determined are most relevant to the user’s query. Ads make up a significant portion of many SERPs. Still, organic search results are distinct from these ads in that they are positioned based on the search engine’s organic ranking algorithms rather than advertiser bids. You can’t pay for your page to rank higher in organic search results.

"Good SEO work only gets better over time, it's only search engine tricks that need to keep changing." - Jill Whalen

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important because organic search is the most prominent way for people to discover and access online content. A good SEO strategy is essential for improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Let me break it down for you:

Quality of organic traffic:

  • How relevant the user and their search query are to the content that exists on your website. You can attract all the visitors in the world. Still, if they’re coming to your site because Google tells them you’re a resource for Apple computers when you’re a farmer selling apples, those visitors are likely to leave your site without completing any conversions. High-quality traffic includes only visitors genuinely interested in your site's products, information, or other resources. High-quality SEO capitalizes on the search engine’s effort to match a user’s search intent to the web pages listed in the SERP.

"SEO is not just about being found, it's about providing value and building relationships with your audience."

Quantity of organic traffic:

  • The number of users who reach your site via organic search results. Users are far more likely to click on search results near the top of the SERP, which is why it’s essential to use your SEO strategy to rank relevant pages as high as possible. The more high-quality visitors you attract to your site, the more likely you will see an increase in valuable conversions.

How does SEO work?

SEO works by optimizing a website’s content, conducting keyword research, and earning inbound links to increase that content’s ranking and the website’s visibility. Let me explain each of these components:

Content optimization:

  • Ensure your web pages have relevant, engaging, and useful content that matches the user’s search intent and provides a good user experience. This includes using proper headings, formatting, images, videos, internal links, and other elements that make your content easy to read and navigate. Content optimization also involves using keywords strategically throughout your content without overstuffing them or compromising readability.

Keyword research:

  • Finding out what words and phrases your target audience uses when searching for information, products, or services related to your business. Keyword research helps you identify what topics and questions your potential customers are interested in and how competitive those keywords are in terms of ranking difficulty. Keyword research also helps you create a content plan that covers those topics and questions in a way that satisfies both the user and the search engine.

Inbound links:

  • Also known as backlinks, these are links from other websites that point to your web pages. Inbound links are like votes of confidence from other sources that signal to the search engine that your content is valuable, credible, and authoritative. The more high-quality inbound links you have from relevant and reputable websites, the higher your chances of ranking well in organic search results.

How can I get started with SEO?

If you’re new to SEO, it might seem overwhelming at first. But don’t worry; plenty of resources online can help you learn the basics and best practices of SEO. For example, you can check out video tutorials on YouTube and read up on SEO Starter Guide from Google; you can also delve into many free resources from online tooling companies to get you started. However, if you are like many of us, time is a limiting factor. These guides will walk you through setting up your website for SEO success, but that takes you away from what you know and do.

"SEO is an investment that pays dividends in the form of increased organic traffic and long-term online visibility."

At BRIM DESIGN, we offer a range of SEO services that can help you boost your online presence and grow your business. Whether you need a full-service SEO package or just some guidance on specific aspects of SEO, we have you covered. We have a team of experienced and certified SEO experts who can help you with the following:

  • Website audit and analysis

  • Keyword research and strategy

  • Content creation and optimization

  • Link building and outreach

  • Technical SEO and site speed optimization

  • Local SEO and Google My Business optimization

  • E-commerce SEO and product optimization

  • SEO reporting and analytics

If you’re interested in working with us, you can contact us today for a free consultation and quote. We’d love to hear from you and help you achieve your SEO goals!


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